Understanding Utah’s Alimony Law

One of the most contentious issues that often arises during divorce is alimony, which is sometimes also referred to as spousal support or maintenance. Essentially, alimony is a court-ordered legal obligation for one spouse to pay support to the other spouse. One purpose of alimony is to help ensure both spouses’ standards of living are reasonably close to what they enjoyed during the marriage.

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Is Alimony Always Awarded?

Just because you are in the process of divorcing does not mean alimony will be automatically ordered. Indeed, the court will typically review and analyze several important factors before deciding whether or not to award alimony. The factors include, but are not limited to:

  • The duration of the marriage
  • The financial needs and condition of the spouse requesting alimony
  • The education level and earning capacity of the spouse requesting alimony
  • The ability of paying spouse to provide alimony payments
  • Whether the spouse requesting alimony worked in a business operated or owed by the paying spouse
  • Whether the spouse requesting alimony has custody of children needing support
  • Whether the spouse requesting alimony paid for the other spouse’s education or otherwise enabled him or her to attend school while they were married
  • Whether either spouse was at “fault” for the divorce, including instances of infidelity and abuse

In most cases, the duration of alimony payments cannot last longer than the number of years the couple was actually married. In addition, alimony obligations will generally end upon the death of either spouse or when the spouse receiving alimony is remarried or cohabitates with another person.

The court also has the ability to modify alimony payments should the ex-spouses experience a substantial and material change in circumstances.

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